Tanzania thank yous

A huge thank you to Jamie for not only helping us get the shipping sorted, but for physically helping load the books and transport them to Melbourne. We really were stuck and you got us “unstuck”.

Thank you to Matthew for carrying so many boxes of books and cheerfully assisting. We were truly grateful.

Thank you to Darryl, from Grazioso Australia, for your all your assistance with the shipping. We didn’t have a clue what we were doing.  Thankfully you and Jamie did.

Thank you to Shiron and Owen for making the Tanzanian connection for us and for facilitating the process.

Thank you so much for the ladies at the Kilmore Hospital Op Shop who made such a big effort to select fabulous books to send to the children in Tanzania.

And finally a big thank you to Emma for offering to undertake collection of the 240 boxes from the docks in Tanzania and distribute the books to the schools.

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